The Manifesto of KOD

The Manifesto of Committee for the Defence of Democracy KOD

Democracy in Poland is under threat. The activities of those presently in power – their disregard for the law and for democratic norms – compel us to express our most emphatic protest. We do not want a Poland that is totalitarian, closed to those who think differently than those presently in power compel them to do. We do not wish for a Poland that is full of frustration, yearning for payback. We yearn for a Poland with a place for all Poles, equal before the law, in all their convictions, opinions, ethical beliefs, and esthetic sensibilities. We do not consent to a political seizure of the state by a political party or an outlook; to a classification of Poles into the better and the worse; to a contempt for „the other.” We oppose views that are inimical to principles of democracy and human rights.

We are determined, openly and decisively, in our fullest voice, to speak up for decency, the law, and mutual respect. And, we are determined to articulate those views not merely in your homes or through the internet, but also in the streets and squares of our towns and villages – assembling there, if the need arises, to express our opinions and demands.

We invite all those for whom democratic values are important –  regardless of their political views and religious adherence – to cooperate with us. We disagree with violations of the Constitution, and with the introduction of authoritarian rule through an abuse of democratic mechanisms. We are people of diverse views and political perspectives – from the right to the left – believers, agnostics, and atheists. Common to us all is the fact that we are free people, wishing to continue to live in our own democratic country, where no one may dictate to us how we are to live, or what values we are to hold.

Committee for the Defence of Democracy

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