The Freedom Equality Democracy Coalition

The Freedom Equality Democracy Coalition is waiting for you!

Committee for the Defence of Democracy

The Constitution of the Republic of Poland is under assault. The legal order is being violated. The laws voted in by the parliamentary majority threaten the liberties of all citizens—both men and women. They threaten the liberties secured by the Constitution—a law of the highest order that was ratified by the entire society in a referendum.

It is critical that everybody who cares about basic laws and liberties work together. The coordination of our activities is necessary. Only together can we effectively oppose the destruction of the Polish State. All hands on deck!

The Committee for the Defence of Democracy invites everybody—political parties, organizations, and representatives of groups that care about the idea of democracy. Let us create the Freedom Equality Democracy Coalition. The Polish People expect us to stand up in defense. Let us gather around that which unites us. Let us respond to the needs and expectations of all Polish men and women.

We invite everyone who cares about human rights and citizens’ rights, freedom and equality, legal order based on the respect for the Constitution, and whoever has the will to work together. We must meet as soon as possible because there is no time to waste. If we do not start activities that are coordinated and conceived together, and instead keep focusing on competition and quarrels, we will soon disappear from the stage. Those who trusted us will leave, convinced that there are no positive values in the world of politics, and that people just follow their own immediate party interests, or the most recent opinion polls.

The Committee for the Defence of Democracy invites everybody. You all know where we are. We will help organize and start the work.

The Freedom Equality Democracy Coalition is waiting for you!

On behalf of the Committee for the Defence of Democracy
named in honor of Professor Władysław Bartoszewski

Mateusz Kijowski, Chair

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